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Curt Dowis - Chronic Sleep Apnea & Chronic Fatigue

At age 6, I experienced what I now know to have been the first sleep apnea I was aware of. Headachs begain at age 7 and I had difficulty concentrating. Weakness and fatigue started at age 11 and has continued for a lifetime, well into my 70's. At 39 yrs. old episodes of periodic paralysis started. This was a year before my father died from a heart attack in his sleep brought on by his sleep apnea. Finally at age 56 I was diagnosed with severe sleep apnea. CPAP is normaly used for apnea , but I was unable to use this equipment. Several surgical procedures have helped with the severity of my apnea but not elliminated it. I have been to over 120 Drs. and many of the best medical facilites in the country. They have all been baffeled by my condition. Several Drs. have diagnosed me with Chronic Fatigue, which I do have. But, it was brought on by the sleep apnea. It is now known that my episodes of periodic paralysis as well as trouble with food allergies are the results of years of untreated sleep apnea.

I finally learned the truth about Hyperbaric Pressure Chambers. There is a lot of erroneous information on the internet as well as from local medical professionals who along with the insurance companies apparently wish to monopolize Hyperbaric Therapy. I did lots of research, then , six treatments in the Chamber at Hyperbaric Theapy Center of Rome/Spencer Family Chiropractic. This gave me enough posivite results that I now know the truth about Hyperbaric Chambers.

I bought a chamber of my own that I could share with my son in law for his Colitis, and one of my grandsons who is special needs. I sleep much better and have much more energy. The oxygen is something I crave but you can only get the best benifit from oxygen when in a chamber. The improvement I have is terrific. My son in laws Colitis has made a dramatic improvement after 6 sessions for 11hrs. 45 mins.. His visits to the restroom have gone from about once every 4hrs. to once every 17hrs., a dramatic and welcome relief for him. My special needs grandson is much calmer after just 2 sessions.

Much thanks to Dr. Tim Ryan, Dr. Mary Spencer and Susan for all their help. I highly recommend them.

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