Memory Loss

Memory Loss and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Many patients with memory loss are not differentially diagnosed, nor treated correctly. If your memory has been getting worse, you will probably go see your doctor. But what do you do if the doctor tells you that "it's normal aging" and to "not worry"? Or she gives you a medication or herb to take that does not seem to make any difference? You know that you have a problem but no one seems to be able to figure out what to do to help you. Next you may see a specialist and at that point you may be given a different medication. Perhaps this drug also does not stop the progressive decline of your memory, not to mention all the side effects you could have from the drug. And perhaps they do not even know why your memory is failing. Maybe they throw a name at it, but that only makes it more frightening.

The terms senility and Alzheimer's get thrown around so easily nowadays, everyone from your neighbor to your gardener is probably diagnosing you.

Keep in mind: forgetting where you put your car keys is not an indication of Alzheimer's. Forgetting what color your car is, or how you got to the grocery store is a valid cause for concern.

Sometimes memory problems are caused by vascular disease. A decrease in blood flow, and consequential decrease in available oxygen, can affect your memory. If you do not know that your doctor has done a thorough differential diagnosis, be sure to ask her if she checked your Blood Fibrinogen level and also if she can do a Brain MRI to see if perhaps you had a mini-stroke, or are vascular-compromised. If the fibrinogen is high or the MRI shows evidence that you have had a stroke then you may be fairly sure that you probably have some degree of brain vascular disease that is causing or contributing to your memory problems.

Poor blood flow with a consequential lack of adequate oxygenation is the cause of many memory problems. Mini-strokes can and often do cause memory loss. These strokes may occur without anyone realizing that they have occurred or are occurring. If the memory goes bad suddenly, and especially if confusion is also present, then there is a reasonable chance a stroke has occurred. If this has happened to you or your spouse, then it is important to have an MRI and MRA of the brain and its blood vessels. If these tests show either a stroke or narrowing of the blood vessels, then at least part of your problem is due to lack of OXYGEN to the brain.

Nothing can deliver oxygen to the cells like HBOT !