Special-Needs Children - Autism, ADD, ADHD

If you have a special-needs child who suffers from autism, ADD, or ADHD, mild hyperbaric oxygen therapy may provide benefits. Studies have suggested that autistic children may have reduced regional cerebral blood flow. Thus, they may have decreased oxygen available for cognitive functioning. Mild hyperbaric oxygen therapy significantly increases oxygen tissue saturation and the levels of oxygen available for uptake by the brain.

Environmental toxins have been linked to ADD and ADHD and are thought to exacerbate the symptoms of these conditions. Oxygen acts as a cleansing agent in the body, flushing out toxins and helping cells and tissues to heal from their harmful effects. In addition, increasing the availability of oxygen to the brain through mild hyperbaric oxygen therapy enhances cognitive functioning. Brain scans have shown significantly increased brain function in subjects who have undergone hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

Some parents of special-needs children who have undergone mild hyperbaric oxygen therapy have reported that their children are calmer, have fewer mood swings, have better bowel function, and sleep better, among other benefits. We have found that many children enjoy and look forward to their mild hyperbaric oxygen therapy treatments. If you are the parent of a special-needs child and are considering mild hyperbaric oxygen therapy, you will be reassured to know that our hyperbaric chambers are large and roomy enough to allow you to join your child during oxygen therapy. You can read to your child, play a game, or watch a video with your child on one of our portable DVD players during the treatment.